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Our Heart

Values, Vision, Mission

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Equip - Instead of giving a handout, we believe in “hands up and hand-in-hand” work. We equip and train by working alongside grass-root-leaders.

Educate - We strive to teach locals how they can use their own resources to make an impact in their own communities.

Love - Children of Abera communicates that we love by meeting the heart's needs and expressing God's love tangibly.

Provide - We desire to work together to provide education, water, food, clothing, and health care.


1 - Through the power of education and the gospel, Children of Abera seeks to bring empowerment and hope to all people.

2 - Develop an environment seeking to care for all people through the provision of basic human needs as a fulfillment of our social mandate.

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Coming alongside all people to help them discover their God-given identities, purposes, and passions which would result in transformation and a brighter future.

Meazy Silva and Sam Dunya JR

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