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Our Current Project

Children of Abera School

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Our Goals for the Ghana Project

We’ve been given two acres of land by the chief and his elders. On these acres, we would like to build four buildings. These buildings would include a school, shelter, medical facility, and a pavilion. The school building has already been built but needs windows, doors, etc. Our goal is to start classes in September 2023. 60 children are enrolled! 

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The School and Shelter

The school provides both biblical and academic education. The shelter would provide food, water, and clothing. The pavilion would function as the dining hall, a place of worship, and a platform for guest speakers, such as those coming to teach trade classes.

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Medical Facility

Lastly, the medical facility would function as a home for all moms. It’ll educate all moms on the importance of understanding the functionality of their bodies, their babies, and beyond.

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